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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Event #4 Ocotillo Golf Course

Hi everyone

Sorry for the late blog.  I have been feeling under the weather and took a few days off.

I played my practice round with a friend of mine Jason and had a great time.  It was nice to play with someone who has a fantastic golf game and knows what it is like to make this a career.

In previous blogs I wrote about golf and how this journey is a process.  This week at Ocotillo Golf Course it started to come together with two solid rounds. My game is improving as I realize that I should be more confident in the game I have.  Golf can be very humbling at times but while one realizes that no round is perfect there is always hope for a great shot no matter how bad the round might be.  I try and stay positive throughout my golf round no matter how I am playing or the shots I am making, but sometimes you ask yourself if staying positive actually fixes anything.  My answer to this often asked question is this:  A positive attitude might not always fix or change how you are swinging but at least it usually keeps matters from becoming worse.  In golf, great shots come when least expected and sometimes all it takes is a little positive energy to turn the back nine around. 

Course Review- Ocotillo Golf Resort

This luscious emerald green course sits in the heart of Chandler, Arizona.  Three nines hearty, it is enriched with small lakes running throughout the entire property.  While the water looks intimidating it is a breath-taking scene.  We played the Gold and Blue course leaving the White for those resort golfers who dare the challenge.  Driving up Country Club Drive one is consumed with the course's enchanting feel.  With a beautiful dining terrace and ample space to enjoy its other elements, the course accommodates everyone.  The driving range is quite spacious and in great shape.  The putting green and chipping area are uniquely placed if front of the dining terrace, leaving you a royal feeling of importance as you work on your game in front of an audience.  Overall the course plays fair and rewards those who can control their drivers.  Set yourself up in a good position and find yourself putting for birdie after birdie.

I give it 4.5 stars

I hope everyone is having a great week and continuing to work on their golf game.  I have this week off and am taking next week off as well in preparation for Florida in a couple weeks.  My next event will be the Wildfire event March 5-7.  I’ll be around these next few weeks and if anyone has anyone comments or questions feel free to contact me. 

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