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Monday, March 5, 2012

A Positive Road

Hey everyone. Hope your week is going well and your making time for important people in your life.  In this blog I wanted to talk about something that not only is applicable to the golf game but to life in general.  People play a large role in who we are as individuals.  Everyday we interact with others sharing our experiences, advice, heartache, and laughs.  Think about all the people in your life whether they are family, friends, or mere acquaintances.  A question that we should be asking ourselves is whether or not these people are positive influences.  All too often we hold on to relationships or friendships when they are actually draining us.  Golf requires enough focus as it is and positive influences do make a difference.  No matter what you are pursuing you have to surround yourself with those that want to see you succeed.

I have been very blessed along this journey.  Starting with a very supporting family, I was able to follow a dream very easily.  They know it means the world to me to be playing golf full time and have always helped in any way they could.  My dad has been caddying for me and has been very positive even through the rough scores.  My life overall has been filled with many people who are genuine and very supportive.  Think about all the times you were doing something stressful or something where there was a risk/reward factor.  What would happen if you didn't succeed?  Would those around you still support you?  If you are thinking anything other than "yes" those friends or family might be unknowingly keeping you from achieving your highest potential.

 Like I said I have been very blessed again and again with supportive people.  Recently I met a group of guys that play golf every weekend and invite me to join in there weekly rounds.  What could have easily just been a group to play with has turned into great friendships. I am overwhelmed with the support and positive light they share. With people like these in my life, it makes it so much easier to embrace the journey I am on.

All said and done, you deserve to feel love and support from family and friends no matter what you are doing. Those negative people in your life might be pulling on you, whether you know it or not. We get one life to live and be happy. Why not share it with others who feel the same way!

Hope everyone is having a great week!  I am in Arizona and then off to Florida next week for the Florida Women's Open in Orlando.  Make sure to keep following and if you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me.


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