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Friday, February 10, 2012

Event #3 Wigwam

Hello Everyone
I seem to remember greatgolfers often saying the game takes time. One shot at a time. The first day Ihad a few birdies and some bogeys.  Thesecond round I felt at ease but could not sink any of my birdie putts.  I had something like 8 birdie putts within 8feet and couldn't drop any.  With a few bogeys and no birdies my round stood "decent" again.  Sitting in the middle of the pack a strong3rd round could possibly place me in the money. The 3rd round I struggled settling into a rhythm which left me scramblingall day.  The round felt as though I hadshot 90 and I was quite surprised when I still broke 80.  I saved par with an up and down 7 times.  Nothing like making yourself work a little.
              My best rounds usuallyfeel as though I just swing and everything falls in to place.  I notice that when I shoot 70 it never feelsas though I had to work hard.  My mind isat ease and I just let things happen rather than forcing them to happen.  My mental game is getting stronger everyround but sometimes I believe I push too hard to for a par or birdie. 
              I was once told that golf is one of the fewthings in life that you can't "want too much" and it actually takesaway from your game.  My personality is astrong one and anyone who knows me, knows that I am very hard on myself attimes.  It's strange because most peopleget hung up on the bad shots.  I myselflet the bad shots go but seem to cling to the adrenaline of the great shots.  It kills me to shoot a poor round because Iknow I am capable of great shots.  Firstround of the event, hole 18, dog leg left par five, I hit my second shot and itclips a tree which spits me out into a water hazard.  My ball is sitting half out of the water andon the small mud bank.  I climb down intothe water (shoes and all) with a hybrid and from a slippery mud bank with feetfully submerged I managed to hit a 180 yard third shot to be left with a 10 yardchip across the green.  What makes mecringe is the fact that I can hit a crazy and unpredictable shot like that andstill shoot just "decent."

         People always say thatthey have found their calling and they knew it right when it happened.  They could "feel it inside theirheart." When starting golf about 6 years ago I fell in love with it butwas never sure if it was my true calling. Ever since I turned pro and have played these last 3 events (regardlessof score) I KNOW this is what I am supposed to be doing.  I feel it stronger than I have ever felt itin my heart.  And while people continueto ask "what's going on with my game" or "why I am not shootingbetter" I will continue knowing that it will come with time.  It's a different world out on the pro circuitand it's the hardest thing I have ever done. That's why I absolutely am in love with it.

Review: Wigwam Golf Resort (Red/HeritageCourse)
           The course sits on theoutskirts of Phoenix in Litchfield.  Ithas three courses and the Red sits about a 5 minute cart ride away from theother two.  It was built in the early 1900'sand has a slightly older feel.  Not muchwater on the course but it has some brutal dog legs that require your undividedattention.  The course definitely has itsfair share of Fairway and green side bunkers. Most green side bunkers seem to be about 10 yards from the actualgreen.  A different look on approachshots is required.  All greens are rockhard causing one to strategically place their approach shot 10 yards short ofthe pin allowing it to roll up.  Thecourse is in pretty good shape but one can tell the course gets a lot ofplay.  A fun little course to test yourbag of shots.  Stay in the fairways andyou will have the time of your life. Miss the fairway and you will be swinging your life away. Haha. Practicefacility has ample room and has a huge chipping green to work on short and longshots.  Well done Wigwam!

I give it 3.5 stars!

Keep tuning in and please spread theword about my blog.  Everyone is welcome!

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