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Friday, February 3, 2012

Event #2 Orange Tree Golf Resort

Hello Everyone

Well I survived my second event at Orange Tree Country Club.  Played a practice round Sunday and then played Mon-Wed.  I played decent but definitely not up to my true potential.  The practice round went smoothly and I felt prepared for the event.  Day one I had a great front nine with a few trouble holes on the back.  I had a water ball and an OB which definitely did not help my score.  The second day was a little better but I still had a water ball that kept me from shooting 74.  The last day I did not strike the ball as well but hung in there and made a few birdies.  Overall, the round did not portray what I know I can do out on the course.

Reflection-  So I definitely learned a few things as I stepped back and took a look at three days.  I believe golf is a sport in which one has to let it happen and not always try to force a better score.  My caddy and I discovered a few things we could do better as a team as well.   It's just a matter of time but it will come together. One important thing I paid attention this week was physical stamina.  Because of nerves I usually only eat something small like a piece of toast or cereal before the round.  The first day, around hole 10,  I was very shaky and interpreted that as nerves. (but why would I be nervous after 9 holes?). I started to lose focus and when I turned in my score card I noticed I was even on the front and a million over on the back.  This has been the pattern for the past few tournament rounds (hmmm).  It finally hit me that I was starving myself and therefore losing focus.  I was so involved with my game that I ignored my body and what it needed to have a successful round.  I now eat a breakfast of protein and carbs to create a most substantial effect. I also eat a small handful of nuts, granola, or fruit every 3 or 4 holes.  I think it is key to listen to your body and pay attention to how it reacts to things like nerves and adrenaline.  Remember…Everyone is different.

Course review:
Orange Tree Golf Resort is located in Scottsdale, Arizona.  It is your traditional golf resort with condos right on the course and a very comfortable feel.  The course itself is about 50 years mature and is a "what you see is what you get" style.  The course is lined with trees and fairly flat.  The course fell into bankruptcy about a year ago and was bought and taken over by a Scottsdale golf group and they are doing everything they can to get it back to mint condition.  The course itself was not bad as the greens rolled pretty true and fairways were nice.  Because the course is older the greens are very small and surrounded by bunkers.  If you can hit a reasonable approach shot you have a good chance for your birdie or par.  The only part of the course that I was truly not happy with was the driving range.  We literally warmed up in a pile of sand.  Eventually we found a spot to the side of the range that had a bit of grass but the actual range lacked even one blade of green.  It was disappointing as many people found frustration.  Pay for a golf resort and not feel warmed up before your round…Not a good thing.  The practice greens were as good as they could be but at least rolled the same as the greens, just maybe a few less bumps along the way. The starter and rest of the staff were very accommodating and friendly.  They definitely helped the “resort feel” and welcomed all guests.  I wouldn’t say that I do not recommend this course as long as you understand it is a work in progress.  So if you’re on your only week vacation of the year and you are expecting to play something like Pebble Beach I probably would look into something else. 

I give it 3 Stars

Headed to Wigwam in the Phoenix area this Monday!

P.S.  Don't forget to spread the word to all your golfing friends.  Feel free to email or comment. :-)


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