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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Speed Whoosh

Hey everyone.  I hope you are all having a great week and working on your game.  I am getting ready to leave for my second event in Scottsdale, Arizona this Saturday.  I am excited and ready to compete!

Review:  Speed Whoosh

So I am not much of a  "gadgets and gizmos" gal but when I find something that really is worth talking about I promise I will share it with you all.  We are always looking for something to improve our game and fix our swing so we can hit the ball like Tiger.  The Speed Whoosh is as simple as they come and only takes about 10-15 swings each day.  There is not any "build it yourself" pieces or detailed instructions.  You pull it out of the box and it is ready to transform your swing speed.  The tool is designed to create more swing speed and harder impact when the club reaches the ball.  Many devices we see on television have these similar goals in mind but the Speed Whoosh is much more manageable.  Many products that want to speed up swing velocity are weighted in some shape or form.  The problem I have found with weighted clubs and heavy devices is that they can cause some unnecessary muscle pull or slight injuries.  I always believe that golf products targeting swing speed should market to a general audience because everyone could use a little more distance in their drive.  Older golfers or anyone with shoulder or back injuries should not be swingin' a sledge hammer around to get stronger. (I'm serious.....I have heard golf professionals say "sledge hammer.") This simple product is light and allows anyone to swing at their own speed.  The idea is that the ball slides down to the end of the shaft as you swing through and this creates a feeling of stronger impact.  When you switch back to a club the muscle memory of the Speed Whoosh stays present.  Another reason that this product is awesome is that it reiterates the fact that swinging hard is never a problem as long as you swing hard on your down swing.  Who doesn't want more distance.

I personally use this everyday and it literally has added 5-10 yards to my drives.  I bought it on EBay for about 70 dollars and it is easy to carry in your golf bag along with your other clubs.  I personally have a few shoulder issues and I have never had a problem with the product.  There are different lengths for men and women so make sure you get the correct one when you order it.

I give it 5 stars!

Warning:  Do not try and be the next Tiger and swing this product while watching Golf Channel in the house.  Your spouse finally let you buy one of these "swing aide" products so don't ruin it by breaking a lamp in the living room.  HAHA

Remember that this blog is intended to be an open forum.  Feel free to ask questions, post comments, or let me know of something interesting going on in the golf world.  Would love to chat about it.  Also, you can always email me at Golfpro295@gmail.com



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    1. Thanks! I appreciate your support and hope you continue to follow :-)

  2. I'm gonna need a lesson from u in ur offseason. I was even par thru 4 today and then I cldnt even hit a ball solid the rest of the day...frustrating! Good luck!

    1. haha Well I definitely have had those days. It is frustrating and amazing how in the middle of the round your game can dissapear. Keep working on the game and it will come together! Remember the mental aspect is just as important as the technical aspect. Best of luck and let me know if I can help in anyway.

  3. Nice tourney Amanda.....ur movin up the ranks!