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I am a young female who has decided to grind through the journey as a professional golfer. I am excited for the road ahead and cannot wait for what is to come. I'm an outgoing girl who lives life to it's fullest. Stay tuned for an exciting venture as I keep you updated with my blog and make my way to the LPGA!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Orange tree Golf Course

Hello everyone-

I hope this blog finds you starting up a great week.  I have been traveling non-stop and honestly enjoying every minute if it.  I have been a little slow with my blogs but promise I am doing my best.

Orange Tree

 This time around at orange tree I felt confident going into the tournament.  the first day I shot 75 with a few three putts and missed birdies but felt I was striking the ball decently.  Day 2 was completely different...have you ever played a round of golf and afterward wondered how you shot what you did considering you played terribly.  I shot 76 and honestly had to fight for everything.  My putting saved my round and for that I was very proud because I have been putting a lot of time in with putting practice.  The round was frustrating because I did not play well but a breakthrough because I still shot 76 on a train wreck of a day.  The final round came and I felt good going into the round.  I stayed calm and consistent and shot 73.  My rounds are now becoming more consistent and allowing me to stay confident in my dream.  I feel as though my game is so incredibly close to moving to the next level.

Also I would like to announce that I started my website www.team-amanda.com   Check it out!!

I am continuing to add more features to the site as i go along.  Any suggestions please email me.

This week I'm playing Ocotillo in Chandler, Arizona.  
Have a great week!