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I am a young female who has decided to grind through the journey as a professional golfer. I am excited for the road ahead and cannot wait for what is to come. I'm an outgoing girl who lives life to it's fullest. Stay tuned for an exciting venture as I keep you updated with my blog and make my way to the LPGA!

Saturday, December 24, 2011



For those of you who do not know me my name is Amanda Robertson and it has been my dream for several years to be on the LPGA.  I recently graduated from Pepperdine University and am now headed to the Cactus Tour.  This mini-tour is located in Arizona, primarily in the Phoenix region.  From there I hope to qualify for the upcoming Canadian Women's events later in the year. 

A little about my blog:  Over the past few months I have met some incredible people.  Each and every person asks me the same questions.... "Where are you headed?" "How long will you be gone?"  I wanted EVERYONE to be a part of this journey and the best way to do so would be creating this blog.  The blog is titled "Starting from Scratch."  As a "scratch" golfer I am embarking out on a grinding journey of ups and downs and this is only the beginning.   I wanted to create a blog that would not only serve as a journal of my encounters but also a way for others to connect with similar experiences.  I am a strong believer in making an impact on others by sharing your own experiences.  We, as humans never stop learning and the journey I am about to embark on is another test of my physical and mental stability in regards to one of the craziest games ever played.  I can't wait to share my story with you all.

How it works:  My blog, like I said, is my journal but also a page I hope you all enjoy revisiting for tips and highlights.  I will update my blog frequently with photos, stories, jokes, and much more.  As you look around my blog you will notice many different things. The left side allows you all to subscribe to my blog and receieve emails whenever I post something new.  This way you don't have to keep checking back to see if I have posted.  I have displayed a "Share It" button as well.  If you know someone who would enjoy reading this blog please share it through Facebook, Twitter, and or other ways.  Also, If you have Twitter, Gmail, or Yahoo you can follow me and this is located on the right hand side. Everyone is always welcome!   
          On the right side there is a "Please Support My Journey" button.  This allows anyone to donate any amount of money towards my cause.  Entry fees and travel expenses are what keep many of the struggling golfers from making it to the tour.  Anything would be appreciated.  With that said, I encourage anyone and everyone to subscribe to my blog with or without donating. 
    Aside from the posts I have created a golf forum in which I hope to help others with their golf game.  Daily tips will be published from one of the leading golf sites.  Use these tips to break that 100, 90, 80 or any score you are striving to reach.  Remember:  In golf, the little things definitely matter. 
         Down at the bottom I have posted "In My Bag"  This way you are always up to date with what I am using out on the course.  In my posts I will often write reviews on products, equipment, and courses that I play.  I have also listed my favorite golf courses which will most likely change as I play more along the way. 
         Lastly I want to welcome questions, comments and or suggestions.  I want everyone to get the most out of my blog and be a part of my journey. 

So climb aboard as I depart on what is going to be the ride of lifetime!!!