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I am a young female who has decided to grind through the journey as a professional golfer. I am excited for the road ahead and cannot wait for what is to come. I'm an outgoing girl who lives life to it's fullest. Stay tuned for an exciting venture as I keep you updated with my blog and make my way to the LPGA!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Hey everyone!

So after a few weeks off, recovering from norovirus, I am finally feeling back to my old self again and have regained the strength I lost when I was down.  I played in an event at Wigwam golf course in Litchfield Park, AZ.  Played a practice and was feeling good on Sunday and then Monday rolled around.  Ate a healthy breakfast and laced up my Footjoys only to have the first round cancelled due to a severe wind storm.  The winds were blowing about 40 with gusts over 50. The dirt was flying and palm trees were swaying (well more like bending).  Tuesday came around and while the winds were better, they were still present.  Shifting winds blowing about 25-30 all day made it tough to stay focused.  I played terrible and felt like I did not have any control over my game. I tried to keep it together slopping together a sad 83.  Surprisingly that was a half way decent round in the field due to conditions.  Wednesday was a new day and I was feeling much better from the start.  Winds were a little calmer and I was back to playing my game.  I shot 76 with a water ball. Finished with a solid back nine and felt as though I was stepping back into my game.

Course Review
  The facility at Wigwam has three different courses and we played the Gold course.  It is known as Arizona's Monster.  The fairways are somewhat narrow and your drives must be in the fairway if you' re hoping to make pars and birdies.  I personally was not a fan of the greens as they were not very receptive.  Unless you are hitting short irons and wedges you will have a hard time getting the ball to stop on the greens.  I enjoyed the layout and the par threes made the course a true challenge.  Overall the course was in great condition.  The practice facility and range are really nice with plenty of space to work on a solid short game.  

I give 4 stars!!

Thursday I had the day off so my dad and I decided to play at Quarry Pines in Tucson, AZ.  This lush green golf course can easily be be spotted off the ten freeway.  It is eye catching and reason enough to stop if you're a golfer that likes to try new courses.  We absolutely loved it!!  It was a challenging course but absolutely breath taking.    

I give it 5 stars!!!

I am looking forward to an amazing summer ahead.  Be sure to check out my schedule as new dates will be appearing throughout the next few weeks.