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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wigwam and Palmbrook

Hello Everyone...

I know it has been awhile and I haven't posted in a few weeks but I have been on the road nonstop.  This point in the season I am starting to find my rhythm and comfort out on the course.  I am starting to feel as though I belong amongst the other girls and am excited to compete.  Been doing a lot of work with my putting game and trying to focus on making those important clutch putts.  This blog is going to be a combined blog for the past two events since it has taken me awhile to post.  Both courses I have played before at the beginning of the season and therefore I will not be giving them a course review.  I feel that both courses earned the score I gave them back in January.

This was my second time playing Wigwam only this time we had a ton of wind to deal with.  It started the day of the pro am and continued throughout the week.  The pro am was a huge success and I met some wonderful people.  We are always so appreciative of the people who find time to play in the pro am because it adds money to our purse for the week.  I played decent but could not putt for the life of me.  As you read the week I played in Florida, I putted lights out.  Golf is unfortunately one of the few sports that consistency is difficult to find.  I went back home frustrated and a little heartbroken that my putting stroke was all over the place.  There is nothing scarier than standing over a putt not knowing how hard to hit it because you have lost your feel and confidence.  I worked really hard the following week in order to prepare for the Penny Pulz Palmbrook event.  

Palmbrook-  If you remember my last post on this course I mentioned they were some of the hardest greens I had ever faced.  I felt prepared as I worked hard on my putting before this event.  I was amazed as how different the course seemed than last time.  Now remember, this was my first course ever played in a professional event and this time would be my 8th.  All I can say is what a tremendous difference experience makes.  The course still played tough but I felt much more at ease and was excited to face it again.  We also started the week off with a pro am and I was blessed to once again meet incredible people.  Course knowledge was handed out by the tons and laughs were shared throughout the day.  

This pro am was a very special one because of one amazing little girl.  The first pro am we had at Palmbrook I met a little girl Madison who came out to watch and meet the Cactus Tour girls.  I signed a towel for her and enjoyed meeting her.  This time around Madison heard about the pro am and told her dad he had to play so she could come watch and ride along.  Throughout the day word spread from girl to girl about Madison and how she was a golfer as well.  She takes lessons from Penny Pulz and cannot wait to jump into the pond after winning the Nabisco.  These are the people in life that make your job completely worth while.  We often forget as we are focused on playing golf that we are also role models for others.  I am so proud of Madison and wish her all the best! 

I am currently in Scottsdale playing at Orange Tree this week!

Stay tuned for the updates and please tell everyone about the blog.  


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  1. Amanda, you are an amazing young lady and Madison and I wish you the best. I would just like to say that you are a great role model for her and other young girls wanting to get into the sport. Keep up the great work and you have our support. Madison wants to come back out and watch you girls again but...she said "Dad I want to play with them this time". I told her that if she works hard and has fun playing the game she will be playing with the girls sooner than she thinks. I also want to give a HUGE thanks to Penny and June for great support and teaching Madison the right way to play the game and that is to have fun, be polite, and meet new friends. Good luck Amanda and we will be watching for you.
    Steve & Madison